Designing Interventions that Address Structural Racism to Reduce Kidney Health Disparities hosted by the NIDDK Feb 24-25, 2022

Event Description

February 24-25, 2022, Virtual Meeting

Substantial racial and ethnic disparities exist in health outcomes among patients with kidney disease, and structural racism is widely recognized to be a fundamental determinant. Structural racism is defined as macrolevel systems, social forces, institutions, ideologies, and processes that interact with one another to generate and perpetuate inequities among racial and ethnic minority populations. For marginalized racial and ethnic groups, this leads to greater exposure to adverse social determinants and risks (e.g., residential segregation, housing insecurity, food insecurity, inadequate health care, financial resource deprivation) that negatively affect individuals’ risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and its progression and contributes to inequitable care and outcomes across the spectrum of CKD. Interventions that dismantle or address the effects of structural racism are essential to achieve health equity for patients with kidney disease.

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February 22, 2022