Clinical Research Core

Contact: Clinical Research Core, Alan Yu, MD, Core Director; info@pkd-rrc.org                                                                                                                            Biospecimen Core, Darren Wallace, PhD, Core Director; info@pkd-rrc.org

Core Resources: Human Biospecimens

Early PKD Observational Cohort Study (EPOC): Longitudinal collection of biospecimens, including blood, urine, and urinary exosomes, that are linked to clinical data and changes in total kidney volume determined by MRI.  Biospecimens are also collected from unaffected siblings and age- and sex-matched normal controls.

Established PKD Repository: Collection of biospecimens from ADPKD patients with established disease that are linked to clinical data.

  • Urine
  • Urinary exosomes
  • Plasma
  • Sera
  • DNA

Please specific the type of biospecimens in your request. There may be costs for materials and shipping. Please directly contact the core director for details.

Maryland PKD RTCC

Maryland PKD RTCC
Clinical and Translational Core

ClinicalTrials.Gov Identifier NCT01873235

Contact: Stephen Seliger, Core Director; info@pkd-rrc.org

Core Resources: Human Biospecimens

Study #1: Longitudinal Cohort Study of adult ADPKD patients without ESRD and eGFR>15 ml/min/1.73m2
N=198 participants with baseline samples; ongoing repeated sample collection after 3 years


  • Urine – 10 ml aliquots
  • Plasma – 0.5 ml aliquots
  • Sera – 0.5 ml aliquots
  • DNA – isolated from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (baseline visit)