PKD-RRC Pilot and Feasibility Program

About The Polycystic Kidney Disease Research Resource Consortium (PKD RRC)

The goal of the PKD RRC is to accelerate discovery in the field of polycystic kidney disease by promoting innovation and resource sharing.

The PKD RRC Pilot and Feasibility Program

The PKD RRC Pilot and Feasibility (P&F) program will provide funds for a maximum of two years to eligible investigators for the development of innovative and high impact projects broadly related to the study of polycystic kidney and liver disease. Projects focusing on the following areas of emphasis are encouraged:

  • Use of existing “omics” data sets to elucidate PKD related signaling pathways
  • Use of PKD RRC pre-clinical models to: a) decipher the early events/pathways involved in cyst initiation/formation or b) to test therapeutic strategies
  • Human biomarker studies utilizing the PKD RRC biorepository
  • Studies focused on understanding the role of polycystins in the cardiovascular system
  • Studies aimed at understanding the functional domains of polycystin-1 and -2
  • Studies utilizing Human iPSC-derived organoid or tubuloid models of PKD to understand cystogenesis
  • Projects investigating PKD progression in underrepresented communities

Proposals outside of these areas of emphasis that involve discovery (hypothesis-generating) and/or innovative (high-risk/high-reward) research will also be considered. Research involving human subjects is limited to observational studies with non-invasive or minimally invasive testing. Clinical trials, as defined by the NIH (, are beyond the scope of this program. Awards are expected to prepare the applicant(s) to submit a future investigator-initiated project (e.g. NIH R01). Applicants are encouraged, but not obligated, to make use of PKD RRC resources and expertise (

Program details can be found on the Early-Stage Investigators page or on the Established Investigators page

If you have any questions about the PKD RRC Pilot and Feasibility Program or the application process, please contact us at

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